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UAE Residence Visa – Golden Visa

Golden Visa in the UAE for foreign investors and business owners: how to become a resident, buy or rent property, rules, and benefits. Contact our experts to learn more.


Golden Visa in the UAE

The UAE Golden Visa is one of the most sought-after visas in the world. It allows investors, business owners, and people of different professions and talents to gain residency status in a highly well-developed country.

Some of the most popular ways to obtain a Golden Visa include buying real estate, investing in the local economy, and starting a business.

About the location

United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
UAE dirham (AED)
Time Zone

Key features

Minimum investment
AED 750,000
Obtaining period
from 3 weeks

General Conditions

Need to visit the country
Need to stay in the country

What is a UAE Golden Visa?

UAE Golden Visa is a particular type of long-term resident visa in the Arab Emirates. The UAE issues it for 2 years or 10 years based on your investments. The Golden Visa can be obtained by various categories of individuals from overseas, including businesspeople, investors, real estate owners, and some distinguished personalities.

Golden Visa allows you to reside and do business in the UAE, have an account in a local bank, and benefit from a favorable tax regime.


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UAE Golden Visa for Foreigners

Nationals of different countries can apply for long-term residence in the UAE along with their family members. One of the most significant advantages is that you do not have to stay in the country to keep your status. All you will have to do is to come to the UAE when your visa is soon to expire.

General conditions for getting visas in the UAE by purchasing real estate:


Property can be purchased with a mortgage from certain local banks, provided your investment is at least AED 750,000 or AED 2,000,000, depending on the option you choose.

You can opt between buying off-plan (under construction) or ready-built units.

Foreign nationals are allowed to buy property only in the freehold zones.

Citizenship for You and Your Family

The holder of a Golden Visa can include his closest relatives in the application, including a spouse and children. The principal applicant must be in a legally registered marriage with his spouse.

Children can also obtain a visa. Sons must be unmarried and younger than 25 y.o. As for daughters, they must only be unmarried – there is no age limit.

All the potential Golden Visa holders will have to undergo a medical examination. The Emirati authorities require all applicants to be in good health and not to have severe, socially dangerous conditions.


UAE Residence Visa Benefits

Our goal is simple – provide successful entrepreneurs and investors with high-level services to solve their problems by reducing their taxes, getting second citizenship and investing overseas.

Staying Abroad Is Not Restricted

With the UAE Golden Visa, you can stay outside the UAE territory for as long as you wish. You will only have to come to the country when your visa is soon to expire. 

Simplified Financial Operations

If you struggle with transferring money abroad or just need a safe place to keep your assets, the United Emirates banks are one of the best places to do it. Reputable banks will ensure the security of your finance.

Luxury Real Estate

Since one of the options to get a Golden Visa is to acquire property, you will be able to choose from a wide range of high-quality houses, apartments, and villas. The luxury real estate market in the UAE, especially in Dubai, is booming, so there are plenty of options available.

Numerous Private Schools

If you and your family stay in Dubai, your children will have a fantastic opportunity to attend the most prestigious international schools in the world. They can also attend branches of reputable British schools, study in English, and enroll in top-ranked universities after graduation.

Advanced Infrastructure and Medicine

The UAE is a rapidly developing country that is getting better every year. Living there provides access to modern services, cutting-edge technologies, and state-of-the-art facilities. Foreign residents can also benefit from using UAE's high-quality medicine.

Free Zones for Establishing Business

You can open your own company in a Free zone in Dubai that will be exempt from paying taxes. The process only takes 7-10 days and can be done remotely. This way, you will be granted a 2-year visa that can later be extended to a 10-year Golden Visa if you buy property.

Pay Zero Taxes

Being a tax resident of the Arab Emirates allows you to legally pay 0% taxes on personal income, wealth, interest, capital gains, property, inheritance, luxury, dividends, and gifts.

180+ countries are visa-free for UAE citizens


Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates
South Korea
+24 countries


Cape Verde
South Africa
+22 countries


United Kingdom
+36 countries


New Zealand
Cook Islands
Papua New Guinea
French Polynesia
+10 countries

North America

Antigua and Barbuda
Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
Puerto Rico
+23 countries

South America

South America
Bolivia Brazil
Falkland Islands
+5 countries


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How to get UAE Long Term Residence

To be eligible for a UAE Golden or resident visa, you need to:

  • Invest in real estate which costs not less than AED 750,000 (~$204,200) for 2-year residence visa
  • Invest in real estate which costs not less than AED 2,000,000 (~$544,500) for 10-year Golden visa

Wealthy Expat provides full support in obtaining residence and a Golden Visa in the UAE.

We are located in Dubai and already helped hundreds to get their long-residence, establish business and find a property in the country.

Estimated Expenses

Option 1

Buying a property for AED 750,000+ (~$204,200+)

Main features:

•Buy your own place in a Freehold zone

•Get residence for 2 years (can be renewed)

•Option to purchase with a mortgage

•Higher investment amount if you buy it together with a spouse

Required amount

From €750,000

Contribution (Investor)

AED 750,000 (~$204,200)

Contribution (Investor + Spouse)

AED 1,000,000 (~$272,260)

Option 2

Buying a property for AED 2,000,000+ (~$544,500+)

Main features:

•Buy your own place in a Freehold zone

•Get residence for 10 years (can be renewed)

•Option to purchase with a mortgage

•Higher investment amount if you buy it together with a spouse

Required amount

From AED 2,000,000

Contribution (Investor)

AED 2,000,000 (~$544,500)

Contribution (Investor + Spouse)

AED 2,000,000 (~$544,500)

Additional expenses and fees:

Requirements for an applicant

Requirements for applicant’s family members




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How it works

The Process of Obtaining a 10-Year Golden Visa (Real Estate Purchase)



Preparing all the documents and choosing a real estate object. Contract conclusion. Making full or partial payment. You can do it with the help of the Wealthy Expat team. We will assist you in finding the best option.


Medical examination

Going through a medical examination.


Due Diligence

Going through the due diligence procedure.



Receiving approval and getting the UAE Golden Visa.

Buying or Renting a Property in the UAE

Non-Arab expats are only allowed to buy property in the so-called Freehold zones. The properties located in these areas are registered as entirely private property. Real estate can be used for personal or investing purposes: you can sell, rent out, grant, or transfer it by succession.

Most part of Dubai is considered to be a Freehold zone. Famous districts such as Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina, Al Barsha, Business Bay, Emirates Hills, and others are classified as Freehold zones. Areas where foreigners can purchase houses, villas, apartments, and other residential properties now exist not only in Dubai but also in Abu Dhabi. 

Wealthy Expat experts help investors to find the most lucrative real estate options. Contact our team in Dubai if you are looking to buy high-value property in the UAE.

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Why Choose Us?

The process of applying for a UAE Golden Visa must be done in accordance with all the rules and requirements; otherwise, you might get a rejection.

Our company head office is located in Dubai, the UAE, so we know exactly how to deal with local authorities, legal procedures and acquire a Golden Visa or residency effortlessly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get thousands of questions from readers monthly, here are the most frequent ones.

How long is the process of getting a Golden Visa?

Usually, the whole process takes at least 3 weeks. Wealthy Expat experts ensure you get your visa as soon as possible.

Which Countries Can I Visit With a UAE Residents Visa?

Foreigners residing in the UAE or owning a Golden Visa can enter the following countries visa-free: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Albania, Uzbekistan, and Guatemala.

When can I apply for UAE citizenship?

Not less than 30 years of residence in the UAE. In some cases, one can acquire citizenship for exceptional services.

Do I have to stay in the Arab Emirates to keep my resident status?

No, you can travel abroad or live there for as long as you want. You only need to come to the country to prolong your visa.

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