St Lucia Citizenship

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Saint Lucia citizenship by investment (CBI) program for foreigners: invest in real estate, the economic fund, state bonds, or enterprise. Contact us to learn more about the requirements.


St Lucia Citizenship

St Lucia citizenship is one of the most advantageous citizenships in terms of investment-benefit ratio.

It allows you to possess two or more passports simultaneously – the country does not require you to renounce your current citizenship.

Having St Lucia citizenship, you can easily travel to many destinations around the world without a visa, including the UK, Schengen zone, South Korea, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, and more.

The citizenship grants you year-round access to a beautiful Caribbean island where you can spend your vacation.

There are 4 ways of investment to become a St Lucia citizen: contributing to the economic fund, investing in real estate, enterprise, or buying state bonds.

Main Advantages

No taxes on capital gains, inheritance, wealth, gifts
Travel to the USA with a 10-year visa
Access to over 140 countries visa-free
One of the most beautiful "safe havens"
Completely remote procedure

About the location

St Lucia
East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
Time Zone

Key features

Minimum investment
Obtaining period
4-6 months
Number of visa-free countries

General Conditions

Need to visit the country
Need to stay in the country
Dual citizenship allowed

What is the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program?

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program is designated for those interested in acquiring citizenship of the country by investing in it. Foreigners from around the world who strive to become global citizens can apply for this program along with their family members.

St Lucia Passport for Foreigners

Nationals of different countries ready to invest in St Lucia's economy can apply for this citizenship. People often get it if they want to renounce their previous passports or have an alternative option to travel, participate in Golden Visa programs, open foreign bank accounts, or establish business abroad.

There are four general conditions for obtaining St Lucia Citizenship by Investment: 


An applicant has to buy real estate that is approved by the government.

You will have to keep the property for at least 5 years after buying it.

The investment of $100,000 is non-refundable – it is a contribution to the state National Economic Fund.

The bonds are non-interest bearing: they must be registered and held by the applicant for a period of 5 years from the date of issuance.

The enterprise you invest in must be approved by the local authorities.

Investing $1,000,000 in the enterprise is only possible if you do it with the other applicants: the minimum sum of group investment is $6,000,000.

If you invest in the enterprise alone, you must contribute at least $3,500,000.


Need more details?

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Citizenship for You and Your Family

Saint Lucia citizenship can also be obtained by your closest relatives, including your spouse, children, parents, and siblings. This program allows your future children to inherit your passport.


Be formally registered as a spouse of the applicant.


Children up to 30 y.o. that are fully maintained or substantially supported by the principal applicant.

Your kids born after you got your citizenship will inherit it automatically.


Parents can be included in the application if they are older than 55 y.o. and are financially supported by the investor.


St Lucia Citizenship Benefits

Our goal is simple – provide successful entrepreneurs and investors with high-level services to solve their problems by reducing their taxes, getting second citizenship and investing overseas.

Visa-free Travel

Being a St Lucia passport holder allows you to travel across several continents visa-free. There are 146 countries you can go to without applying for a visa, with an eVisa, or visa on arrival.

More than 110 visa-free states include, for example, Schengen states, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

If you travel to the remaining 30+ countries, you gain access there with an eVisa – an electronic version of a visa that is easy and fast to get online, or you are issued a visa on arrival.

With this citizenship, you are also eligible to get a 10-year US visa and stay there for up to 6 months per year.

Favorable Taxation

Once you become a St Lucia citizen, you are exempt from capital gains, inheritance, wealth, and gifts tax. Plus, there are no withholding taxes for residents and non-residents. 

No Tests or Interviews

The conditions for obtaining St Lucia citizenship are quite simple compared to many other countries: you are not required to pass history or language exams, sit interviews, or have at least a bachelor's degree. 

Keep Your Other Passports

If you do not want to renounce your other citizenship, you do not have to since St Lucia allows you to keep your previous citizenship. You will only have to revoke the previous passport if the other party demands it.

Family Citizenship

An investor can add up their family members to the application. It means that your spouse, kids, parents, and siblings can also become St Lucia citizens. 

Quick Obtaining Process

You only need from 4 to 6 months to get a new passport. Moreover, you do not even have to become a resident of the country first: the whole process can be done remotely. There is no need to visit the island. The passport is issued within one month after the CBI unit approves your application.


Possible Drawbacks

Russia and China Require a Visa

If these countries are essential for your business matters, you will not be able to visit them visa-free. If you need to go to these countries, you should apply for Dominica citizenship which grants you free access to both China and Russia.

Limited Citizenship Inheritance

Citizenship is only inherited by children if they are born within 5 years after the investor gets the citizenship. You will need to pay additional fees to let your kids who are born after that 5 years get the passport.

St Lucia Citizenship 140+ visa-free countries


Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates
South Korea
+24 countries


Cape Verde
South Africa
+22 countries


United Kingdom
+36 countries


New Zealand
Cook Islands
Papua New Guinea
French Polynesia
+10 countries

North America

Antigua and Barbuda
Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
Puerto Rico
+23 countries

South America

South America
Bolivia Brazil
Falkland Islands
+5 countries


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How to get St Lucia Citizenship

There are four options to obtain a St Lucia passport:

  • Buying government bonds – from $300,000
  • Investing in the enterprise – from $1,000,000
  • Investing in the National Economic Fund – from $100,000
  • Buying real estate – $200,000

Note: Investors cannot apply for citizenship themselves – they need an official representative who will act on the client's behalf.

Wealthy Expat provides full support in obtaining citizenship with the help of our expert lawyer.

Estimated Expenses

Option 1

Purchase of government bonds $300,000+

Main features:

• Investment in National Action Government Bonds

• Non-interest-bearing bonds

• Get life-long citizenship – $300,000 contribution

• Money can be returned after 5 years

• Must be registered and held in the name of the applicant for a period of 5 years

Required amount

From $300,000

Contribution (Investor)


(Administration fee: $50,000)

Contribution (Investor + Spouse)


(Administration fee: $50,000)

Family of 2+


(Administration fee: $50,000)

Option 2

Investing in the enterprise $1,000,000+

Main features:

• Can be done with other applicants if the minimum investment of each is $1,000,000

• Get a lifelong citizenship

• Joint venture 

• Invest in cruise ports and marinas, research institutions, facilities, bridges, roads, etc.

• Government approved project

Required amount

From $1,000,000

Contribution (Investor)


(Administration fee: $50,000+$25,000 per dependent under 18 y.o.

+$35,000 per dependent over 18 y.o.)

Contribution (Investor + Other Investors)


$1,000,000 minimum from each investor

Option 3

Investing in the National Economic Fund $100,000+

Main features:

• Non-refundable contribution

• Get life-long citizenship – $100,000

• Improve local infrastructure

Required amount

From $100,000

Contribution (Investor)


Contribution (Investor + Spouse)


Family of 3-4


+$15,000 per dependent for a family of 4+ (including a spouse)

Option 4

Buying real estate $200,000+

Main features:

• Contribute to a government-approved real estate

• Get life-long citizenship – $200,000

• Invest in luxury hotels and resorts

• Elite houses, villas, mansions, etc.

• Own a title deed

• Return the investment by selling the property 5 years later

Required amount

From $200,000

Contribution (Investor)


(Administration fee: $30,000)

Contribution (Investor + Spouse)


(Administration fee: $40,000)

Family of 3-4


$30,000 for an applicant

+$5,000 per dependent under 18 y.o.

+$10,000 per dependent over 18 y.o.

+$10,000 per dependent if there are more than 4 of them

Additional expenses and fees:

Requirements for an applicant

Requirements for applicant’s family members


Children (up to 30 y.o.)




Need more details?

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How it works

The Process of Obtaining St Lucia Citizenship


Discuss Investment Options

We will discuss the most suitable investment options for you and review your case. This will help us to evaluate the chances of getting citizenship.


Prepare Documents

With the help of our lawyer, we will prepare the required documents for submission to the CBI unit in St Lucia.


Background Check

Passing the due diligence – CBI unit will check your background. St. Lucia's authorized officials take 1-3 months to review the documents.


Investment Fulfillment

In case of approval, the investor fulfills the investment condition. It must be done within 90 days of receiving the decision.


Passport Delivery

Your new passport and naturalization certificate will be issued in 4 weeks. The documents can be delivered to the address indicated by the applicant.

Buying Property in St Lucia

Looking for and buying real estate on the island might be a time-consuming process that requires knowledge of the local market.

Wealthy Expat experts can help you to find the best and most suitable option according to your request.

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Why Choose Us?

Citizenship of St Lucia cannot be obtained by applicants on their own. Investors are required to seek the assistance of a licensed agent. The agent will help them to prepare and send all the documents on time, make a money transfer, pass due diligence, and more.

The Wealthy Expat lawyer can help you to go through this rigorous process smoothly. We already helped hundreds of clients to get their new citizenship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get thousands of questions from readers monthly, here are the most frequent ones.

Do I need to speak the state language to obtain citizenship?

No, the authorities of St Lucia do not demand applicants to speak the national language of the country.

Can I live in Europe with a St. Lucian passport?

The St. Lucia passport guarantees visa-free entry to Europe and a stay of up to 6 months per year but does not grant the right to live or work there.

Do I have to renounce my previous passports?

No, St Lucia does not require you to revoke your previous citizenship unless the other country you are a national of demands it.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is $100,000. There are also additional costs, such as due diligence and other state fees.

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