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Spain Golden Visa – Residence Visa for Foreigners
Golden Visa
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Spain Golden Visa – Residence Visa for Foreigners

Spain Golden Visa

Golden Visa in Spain by investment: how to obtain one as a foreigner, become a resident, buy or rent a property. Spain Golden Visa requirements and benefits. Contact our experts to learn more.

Golden Visa in Spain

A Spanish Golden Visa is a residence permit that allows you to stay in Spain and freely travel across EU countries without getting a tourist visa. You can also live in any Schengen country for up to 90 days during 6 months (180 days).

Your closest family members can get a residency along with you and have the same rights. The program is accessible for non-EU nationals. 

Obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain can be done through various investment routes, including purchasing real estate, establishing a business, holding government bonds or shares in Spanish companies, buying units in investment or venture capital funds, and depositing at a local bank.

After 5 years of living in Spain with a temporary residence, the investor can apply for a permanent residence. If there is a goal to get Spanish citizenship, one can do it after living for another 5 years in the country. 

About the location:

Country – Spain

Capital – Madrid 

Currency – Euro (EUR)

Languages – Spanish

Time zone UTC+1 to +2 (WEST and CEST)

Key features:

Minimum investment – €500,000
Obtaining period
– from 5 months

General conditions:

Need to visit the country – Yes

Need to stay in the country – No

What Is a Spanish Golden Visa?

Spanish Golden Visa is a temporary residence permit that you can obtain by investing in Spain's economy. 

It allows you to stay in Spain, but this is not required to maintain a residency status. Investors and their family members can also obtain a work permit or move their business to Spain.

Initially, a Spanish Golden Visa is valid for 1 year. You will need to visit the country during this year to get a residence permit for 2 more years. You can apply for it while being in Spain or from abroad. 

After the 3 years in total, you can prolong your resident status for 5 more years. In order to renew the resident permit, you will need to visit Spain.

Golden Visa allows you to reside and do business in Spain, have an account in a local bank, and travel across Europe to all Schengen states visa-free.

Spain Golden Visa for Foreigners

Spain’s Golden Visa program is popular among non-EU nationals from all around the world wishing to acquire a residence in Europe. 

Wealthy investors and entrepreneurs can apply for a Spanish Golden visa not only for themselves but also for their closest relatives, including a partner who doesn’t have to be an officially registered spouse.

One of the most significant advantages is that you do not have to stay in Spain to keep your status. The only requirement is to come to the country when your resident permit is about to expire.

Six general conditions to obtain a Spanish Golden Visa by investment: 

  • Buying real estate: from €500,000;
  • Deposit at a Spanish bank: from €1,000,000; 
  • Purchasing units in investment or venture capital funds: from €1,000,000;
  • Investing in shares of Spanish companies: from €1,000,000;
  • Investing in government bonds: from €2,000,000;
  • Establishing a business: no minimum investment required.


You can buy one or several properties; the main requirement is that you spend at least €500,000 in total while purchasing real estate.

You can purchase property jointly with someone as long as each of you invests at least €500,000.

The property you buy is not limited to residential only. You may also choose a commercial one.

The business you establish must be of socio-economic interest and create jobs.

Golden Visa for Your Family Members

Those who apply for a Spanish Golden Visa can also include their relatives and a significant other in the application. There is no requirement to be in officially registered marriage with your partner, and same-sex couples are also eligible.

The principal applicant’s children of any age and parents can also get a Golden Visa.

If your children are over 18 y.o., they must be unmarried and financially dependent on the main applicant to qualify for a residence permit.

Requirements for parents of any age include financial dependency on the applicant or their partner.

Spanish Golden Visa Benefits

  1. Live in Spain or Abroad

Once you become a holder of a residency through a Golden Visa program, you can stay in Spain or anywhere else in the world for as long as you want. 

There is no need to live in Spain to maintain your residency status. You will only have to visit the country when it is time to renew your residence permit.

  1. Travel Freedom Across Europe

With a Spanish Golden Visa, one can travel to 27 Schengen Area states in Europe without obtaining a tourist visa. So France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and dozens more are easily accessible. 

The Golden Visa also allows you to stay in those countries for up to 90 consecutive days during every 6 months (180 days).

  1. Bank Account in Spain

Getting a residency in Spain means you not only can but will need to open a bank account in the country.

In the future, it will help you transfer money abroad or just keep your assets safe. Spanish banks are overall reliable and reputable institutions that ensure your financial security.

  1. Second Home for a Vacation

If you buy real estate to fulfill the investment requirement, you will also get a chance to spend holidays in a warm and sunny Spanish climate. 

Depending on where you purchase your new property, you might have access to a beautiful seacoast, marinas, fantastic architecture, a well-developed transportation system, local cultural events, museums, restaurants, and various useful facilities. 

  1. Top-Notch Private Schools

In case you decide to move to Spain with your kids, there will be plenty of options for them to study in the most prestigious private schools, including international ones. 

British, American, French, German, Swiss, and International Baccalaureate school programs are available apart from the Spanish curriculum. After graduation, students will avail themselves of a multitude of opportunities to enroll in the world’s top universities.

  1. Advanced Infrastructure and Medicine

Spain is an economically developed country that is also part of the EU. Its infrastructure and medicine align with high European standards. 

The modern banking system integrated with the international financial markets, developed transportation and logistics, advanced healthcare, state-of-the-art public spaces, and so much more is what you get along with the Spanish residence.

  1. No Language or History Tests

You do not have to take any language or history examinations or submit proof that you have a certain education or degree upon applying for the Golden Visa. 

  1. Investing in Your Future

After obtaining a Golden Visa and holding your temporary residence for 5 years, you can become eligible for a permanent residency. In order to get that, you will need to spend at least 6 months in Spain per year. 

After another consecutive 5 years of living in the country, there is an opportunity to acquire Spanish citizenship by naturalization.

Direct Flights Around the World

There are 43 airports in Spain, and Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) is the biggest and one in the highest demand. Capital’s airport serves flights to 212 destinations in 72 countries worldwide.

From the Madrid-Barajas Airport, you can fly directly to various cities in the US, the UK, Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

How to get a Golden Visa in Spain

To be eligible for a Spain Golden or resident visa, you need to: 

  • Invest in real estate which costs not less than €500,000
  • Make a deposit at a Spanish bank with a minimum sum of €1,000,000; 
  • Buy units in investment or venture capital funds, investing a minimum of €1,000,000;
  • Buy shares of Spanish companies, investing a minimum of €1,000,000;
  • Buy government bonds (Spanish Public Debt), investing a minimum of €2,000,000;
  • Establish a business: no minimum investment, but approval is required.

Wealthy Expat provides full support in obtaining residence and a Golden Visa in Spain. We already helped hundreds to get their temporary and permanent residence, establish business, and find suitable property.

Estimated Expenses

#1 Buying a property for €500,000+ 

#2 Making a deposit at a Spanish bank €1,000,000+

#3 Buying units in investment or venture capital funds €1,000,000+

#4 Buying shares in Spanish companies €1,000,000+

#5 Buying government bonds €2,000,000+

#6 Establishing a business

Additional expenses and fees per person:

  • Registration fee – from €400
  • Health insurance – from €1000 per applicant
  • Visa fee – €249.65 per applicant for most nationalities 

Requirements for an applicant

  • Be older than 18 y.o.
  • Clean criminal record
  • Stable legal income
  • No prior illegal entering or living in Spain
  • No previous residency application rejections

Also, the investor must submit proof of their financial solvency. The minimum required amount in a Spanish bank account must be 400% IPREM (Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples) or the so-called Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator. Plus, 100% IPREM is required for each additional applicant.

In 2023, the IPREM in Spain is €600 per month or €7,200 per year. Since the Golden Visa is initially issued for 1 year, the principal applicant must confirm they have at least €28,800 and €7,200 for each family member in the bank account. 

Requirements for applicant’s family members


  • Married to the main applicant or a common-law partner
  • No criminal record

Children (of any age)

  • Unmarried
  • Without children
  • Financially dependent on the investor 

Parents (of any age)

  • Financially dependent on the principal applicant or their partner

The Process of Obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain 

  1. Preliminary due diligence check. We will review your case to ensure your application will be approved. 
  2. Opting for a suitable investment route. Searching and purchasing property in case of the real estate route. 
  3. Preparation of all the necessary documents according to the Spanish government requirements with the help of a certified lawyer. 
  4. Going through the due diligence procedure.
  5. Processing of the application usually takes 20 days.
  6. Receiving approval and getting the Golden Visa.

Buying or Renting a Property in Spain

If you choose the real estate investment option to obtain a Golden Visa in Spain, you will need to find a suitable property.

There are a multitude of villas, houses, apartments, and other types of property in the country. Those unfamiliar with the Spanish real estate market can find it challenging to decide what housing is better and where to buy it.

Wealthy Expat experts help investors to find the most lucrative real estate options. Contact our team if you are looking to buy a high-value property that will meet all your needs.

Why Choose Us?

The process of applying for a Golden Visa must be done in accordance with all the rules and requirements; otherwise, you might get a rejection. 

We have already helped over 500 wealthy individuals to obtain residency and citizenship abroad. Our team experts and professional lawyers know exactly what the process is like and what you must be prepared for.

Wealthy Expat will assist you with going through the Golden Visa obtaining process hassle-free and help you decide on the best investment strategies.


How to get a Spanish Golden Visa?

It can be done through making an investment. There are 6 investment options available: purchasing real estate from €500,000; making a deposit at a Spanish bank; buying units in investment or venture capital funds or shares in Spanish companies, investing from €1,000,000; investing in government bonds from €2,000,000; establishing a business with no minimum investment required.

How long is the whole process?

Usually, the whole process takes about 3-5 months. Wealthy Expat experts ensure you get your visa as soon as possible.

Which Countries Can I Visit With a Spanish Golden Visa?

Residents of Spain or holders of a Golden Visa can enter the Schengen Area states without a tourist visa. They can also stay in those countries for up to 90 days per half a year.

When can I apply for Spanish citizenship?

Most foreign nationals will need to live in the country for at least 10 years in order to become eligible for naturalization and apply for citizenship. 

Do I have to stay in Spain to keep my resident status?

No, you can travel abroad or live there for as long as you want. You only need to come to the country to prolong your visa. 

What is the difference between a Golden Visa and a temporary residence permit?

The Golden Visa is issued if you apply from abroad at the embassy or consulate. It is valid for 1 year, during which you will need to visit Spain to get a residence for 2 more years. Then, it can be renewed.

The temporary residency is issued if you apply in Spain. It will be valid for 3 years, after which it can be renewed.

Still have questions?

Contact our expert team to learn more about the Golden Visa.

We will analyze your case and find the most favorable options for you.


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